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Vital Health Blog

An Ayurvedic health blog with key questions and answers, experiences and Ayurvedic recipes for the body, mind and soul.

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  • How to make ghee & 5 facts to remember

    Ghee is the essence of butter, the end result of a slow clarification process that removes all water from butter. In Ayurvedic cuisine we consider ghee the best type of fat to cook with. For centuries ghee has been a sign of wealth in India, one who had large stocks of ghee was said to […]

  • Summer Newsletter

    Exciting times ahead! Now that things are finally settled I’m happy to announce that we’ve had a successful move and relocation of our clinic ( it’s been 6 months already!). The new address is in Peasedown St John, a lovely village just outside of Bath and 30 Min away from Bristol. The new place is […]

  • My latest cleanse

    I’ve recently had a chance to do a much needed fast/cleanse for which I’m most grateful for. I’ve been doing fasts since I was 17. This last one might have been one of the best yet. During the first month of our move you see, getting pots and pans to cook with was an adventure, […]